2018 Kendon Limited Edition Single Ride-up SRL Stand-Up Motorcycle - BB107RULE

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Fits Cruiser style bikes, including Harley Davidson, Yamaha Star, Goldwing, Sport Bikes and more.

The Kendon Limited Edition Single-Rail Folding Stand-Up™ Motorcycle Trailer combines our premiere single-rail trailer with an accessory package that’s hard to beat. You get the best of both worlds with the Limited Edition Single-Rail Ride-Up: Exceptional performance and exceptional value. You can’t go wrong.

When in use, the Single-Rail Ride-Up trailer carries one full-size motorcycle with ride-on capabilities and Kendon’s renowned towing performance.

When in storage, the Single-Rail Ride-Up takes up about the same space as a small bedroom dresser or chest of drawers.

As a bonus, you’ll get a complete set of trailer accessories at an excellent value and a sharp, two-tone paint job to make your trailer stand out.

Ride-on capabilities

Thanks to our new Suspension Reactive Loading (SRL) frame geometry and suspension design you can now RIDE YOUR BIKE onto the trailer, making it much easier to load heavy, full-size bikes. As you ride your bike onto the trailer the suspension compresses under the weight of the bike, virtually eliminating the ramp-to-trailer apex. Once the bike is loaded, the suspension raises back up and levels the trailer.

Safety first

Our Ride-Up models feature wider loading ramps, wider rear sections, and foot extensions to provide safe foot placement as you ride the bike onto or back the bike off of the trailer.

Flying solo

The Single-Rail trailer features a wide expanded metal/diamond plate deck area designed to hold one full-size bike such as aHarley-Davidson, GoldWing, K1600, adventure bike, etc. The heavy-duty torsion-bar axle and hub combination give the Single-Rail its 1,000-lbs. carrying capacity.